Kaz can talk at festivals, schools, corporate events, meetings, conferences, on radio and underwater.

For more details please contact [email protected] or telephone (within Australia) 03 8417 0000, or from outside Australia 61 3 8417 0000.

faffing on

Kaz’s favourite interview ever: she got to talk to Gloria Steinem on Jon Faine’s Conversation Hour on 774 ABC Melbourne. Full interview (54 minutes.)

Kaz does ‘show and tell’ about her exhibition of chosen objects from the State Library of Victoria in 2015 about what people wear to show they belong, from white gloves to footy jumpers. Audio from ABC RN Blueprint For Living radio show with Michael Williams (12 minutes.) More on all these amazing items at

Kaz tells the story of how she discovered the books that changed her life; part of the State Library of Victoria’s ‘What’s Your Story?’ project. Video of Kaz talking at the Library. (2 minutes 11 seconds.)

Kaz interviewed Susie Orbach, the author of Fat Is a Feminist Issue and many other books, at the Wheeler Centre in 2015. They had a good old chat about girls, women, body image issues, commercialism, therapy and much else besides. (56 minutes.)

more talking

An interview about the survey of 400 teenage girls which began the research for ‘Girl Stuff’, on Perth ABC radio in 2007. (17 minutes.)

Kaz & Jon Faine talk with funny authors Judith Lucy and Bill Bryson on 774 ABC Melbourne. Conversation Hour audio. (47minutes).

Audio chat about the big decision on whether to immunise your baby, toddler, or teen. From an interview with Soya Feldhoff, ABC Radio 891, 2014.  (22 minutes.)

The lovely folk at the Penguin Australia website have posted the transcript of an interview with Kaz about likes and dislikes, and she answers the impertinent question: “Do you ever ignore your own sage advice and stuff up?”.

Kaz Cooke with Jennifer Saunders
Blurry photo of me with Jennifer Saunders backstage at the Dallas Brooks Hall before the Wheeler St interview in 2014. I am beside myself as well as her. For full doofus effect when meeting your heroines may I recommend putting your glasses on your head.Kaz helped out Jennifer Saunders of AbFAb fame with her slide show to promote her book Bonkers: My Life in Laughs, a sold-out live event for the Wheeler Centre at the Dallas Brooks Centre in 2014. Here’s an audio podcast of the event. (46 minutes).

Kaz Cooke with Judith Lucy
Judith Lucy and me backstage at the Athenaeum in Melbourne, 2011, before an interview about Women’s Stuff. This is also included to prove that sometimes we get a frock and lipstick on.