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While every care has been taken in researching and compiling the information on this site, and in the books, it is in no way intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Readers must obtain their own, individual advice from professional, qualified medical practitioners before relying on or otherwise using any of the medical information about physical or mental health presented on the site or in the books. This site and the books contain information generally relevant to pregnancy, parenting, and adolescent health. Some information is specifically relevant to Australia, including immunisation schedules, which may differ elsewhere, and from region to region.

The books mentioned on the site are updated and reprinted each year, and readers are advised that they need the latest version for important medical and safety advice updates. Please don’t buy, sell, lend or borrow older editions. The latest reprint of each book will have the current year on the cover or the title page. Professional medical practitioners are invited to advise Penguin Random House if they dispute any information in the website or the books, or wish to suggest an amendment or deletion.


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