Kaz Cooke’s Gorgeous, winner of 1994 AFI award for short animated film. Starring Hermoine the Modern Girl and Deirdre the Bad Fairy’s voice of feral low self esteem. With the voices of  Judith Lucy, Kris McQuade, Lynda Gibson, Lorin Clarke and featuring Mick Molloy convincingly saying “Phwoaaarrr”. 10 minutes. Produced by Sharon Connolly, Film Australia National Interest Program.


lola montez: take her advice

In 1858 a book called ‘The Arts of Beauty & Hints to Gentlemen on the Arts of Beauty’ was published by Lola Montez, the bombastic, whip-wielding, touring champion Spider-Dance exhibitioniste and bit-on-the-side for King Ludwig of Bavaria.

I added some cartoons, and Text Publishing brought the book out again in 1997 as a dear little hardback. Sadly, it’s now out of print. I’ve rummaged in the vault to find some of my favourite cartoons from the book, presented with “captions” provided directly from the advice of Miss Montez.

More info on “The Arts of Beauty”

are you the devil – no i am just a cakey thing. drawn for the book real gorgeous, c1995

darling i’m just getting my knees waxed c2000

ringing in the new year: and another thing c2005

early hermoine the modern girl cartoon, 1986

premenstrual as anything, c1990

blunderwoman, c1994

you know what they say, 2016

forked: ink and diamentes on wooden fork, 2012

homage to dr seuss: feathers, oil and gouache, 2012

if it please m’lud: newspaper and gouache, 2012

vaccinate: page from old medical advice book, ink (after unknown medieval plague artist), 2012